Smart Apartment

Smart Apartment/Rental Area System


"Apartment/rental area management software with automatic electric meter data."

When the apartments and rental areas are highly competitive, Creating different services and innovations for tenants in the 4.0 era are essential to their choosing decision. What is the difference between your apartment or rental space from others?.

VOLT system extremely profit your management capability

Apartment and rental space management software systems that collect, store, and report on all activities you need to take care of.

Features :

  • Information of tenants, employees and property in the room.
  • Information of lease agreements.
  • Show current and past monthly electricity meter numbers, automatically linked to the electronic meter without needing to take the meter number and fill it out manually.
  • Show electricity usage graph (unit) hourly, daily, and monthly.
  • Show invoice including rental fee, electricity bill and other services. Ready to print out to the printer.
  • Show move-out notification, repair notification, notify of cleaning Or notify the tenant's needs. The system also notify the tenant back when requests are finished.
  • Show incomes-expenses and monthly summaries in tables and graphs.

Tenants are most satisfied with the use of mobile phone systems :

  • Inform move out, notify room maintenance Notify cleaning And other requirements With the ability to check the operational status.
  • Can check the current electricity meter and graph of electricity usage from past, hourly, daily and monthly of their own room.
  • View their own invoices that update costs up to that time, at any time.

Why is VOLT SMART APARTMENT is neccessary?

  • Can be used on the web anytime, anywhere.
  • Reduce labor costs, errors and delays of taking electricity meter.
  • Create a modern and transparent image that is different from other apartments Make your apartment stand out and get more attention from tenants.
  • Apartment owners are able to efficiently monitor and control outside the premises.
  • European standard equipment And reliable system Which has been trusted by many apartments.
  • 2 year device warranty and lifetime software warranty.

"Most satisfied tenants With the transparency of electric bills and monitoring of electricity usage while they are away"