Single phase power system

Technical data  

"VOLT is realtime smart meter"

VOLT  is electrical monitoring system that show more data than monthly bill :

Problem : Do you know the hourly, daily and monthly electricity usage details? If you don't know the time period and the power consumption rate, controlling usage to reduce electricity bills is therefore difficult.
VOLT : Gives more usage data in minutes, hourly, daily, monthly, showing current usage and past 1 year usage. So you can get detailed information in time and effective control.
Problem : If the electric appliance are using more power than normal, you never know much before?
VOLT : There is a notification system for excess power on mobile phones. Let you know immediately that there is something wrong. So you can check and control immediately. Do not let continue using excess power and can also check backwards thoroughly.
Problem : If there are problems such as electric shock, leakage, power surges, etc. in the electrical system, have you never been able to check it?
VOLT : Storing minute historical power data for 1 year. You can check for electric shock, leakage, power surge and overcurrent backward in order to find the cause.
Problem : Have you ever forgotten to turn off the electrical appliances before leaving the house or office? How do you check?
VOLT : Shows the current power consumption (watts) which indicates whether electrical appliances are turned on or not. When you look in the mobile app, you will know immediately.
Problem : If someone steals using electricity from your meter do you know?
VOLT : Show the current power consumption (watts) and update every 1 minute. If you turn off all electrical appliances and the power charge is still not zero, it may come from being smuggled to use electricity (or may be caused by a leak).

Let VOLT  solves your problems.

How VOLT  work?

VOLT uses electric power sensors to measure electrical energy, send the signals via WIFI to store in the database (Cloud Server) and use the analysis mobile app to show you the results at all times.

VOLT  show the current electrical values :

Current electric usage :

  • Voltage (volt)
  • Current (amp)
  • Power (watt)

Current usage and the past 1 year :

  • Electricity usage (kWh) of current hour, day, and month.
  • Electricity power (watts) minute.
  • Hourly historical electricity usage (kWh).
  • Daily historical electricity usage (kWh).
  • Monthly historical electricity usage (kWh).

VOLT  shows the power (watts) every minute.

Electric power consumption (watts) indicates the amount of electricity used at that time, such as the 12,000 BTU air conditioner using approximately 1,000 watts, a small rice cooker using about 500 watts of power. If you know the total power at that time, you can check which electrical appliances are being used. You can check for un-expected usage such as some devices are turned on other than the specified time, theft of electric power from outside persons, electric leakage, etc.

Abnormal electricity can be detected from graph of mobile app.

Examples of surges or excess current which may be caused by electricity supplied by the transmission line or abnormality of certain electrical equipment which will result in electrical equipment damage or shortening the service life. You can detect it from the graph. When abnormal characteristics are found, so you can find the cause and fix it before the damage.

VOLT  shows hourly power consumption (kWh)

Hourly power consumption data allows you to check that is electricity used outside of the scheduled hours, such as in the workplace during the time before work, resting or after work? So it helps to monitor the workings of people. For a home, it helps inspect home members or check the leakage current, theft of electricity from outside people and various unusual causes.

Moreover VOLT also shows daily and monthly consumption (kWh) for you to check in more detail.

How VOLT reduce your electric bill?

  • Know the amount of electricity used all the time. To see if it is normal or not. If abnormal, will immediately know to find the cause and fix it.
  • Know the electricity usage of other peoples in the building who using machinery, air conditioning or lighting. For example, whether it is as specified or not both watching at that time and looking at the past graphs. If it does not meet the requirements, it possible to monitor and control the use of persons more stringent.
  • If you leave outside and leave the appliance open, you will know. So you can travel back and turn it off. Or call to order people in the building at any time.
  • If an electrical leakage occurs Or someone outside is secretly connecting the electricity from your building to use. You can know and fix immediately.
  • If the old electrical appliances are worn out causes more consumption than usual or more than the specified specification. You will be able to know and fix.

How does VOLT help you stay safe from electricity??

  • Know the power (watts) and consumption (unit) at all times. If abnormal, which is caused by a malfunction of the equipment or electrical wiring in the building. So you can check and fix it in time.
  • Be sure to forget to turn off electric equipment that is at risk of a fire accident while there are no people.
  • Know the electricity leakage.
  • Know the abnormality of electricity from power grid such as electricity surge, drop, over-voltage, etc.
  • In case of fire accident occurrence, the minute historical data can reveal the abnormal current and cause.

  VOLT   notification make easier and more secure.

The system will alert you when electrical parameters exceed setting level which are:

  • Power (watt)
  • Current month electric bill (Baht)

Notification make you control immediately.

  VOLT   consumes only a bit energy.

VOLT Smart Meter uses 0.2 - 0.5 watt power that equivalent to your internet modem.

All parts are certified to international standards, so you can confident on accuracy, safety and durability.

Conformité Européenne (French) : certify to electrical equipments for safety, health and environment.
International Electrotechnical Commission : certify to electronic part, component and equipment.
Measuring Instruments Directive : certify to measuring component and equipment which allow to use in European countries.