Power Meter Model SDM120-modbus Series

Single Phases Multifunction DIN Rail

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General Characteristics

Power meter SDM120 modbus model is light blue LED screen make clear visibility. It is appropiately used for house, commercial store, office, home appliances and electric equipments that use single phase power. Output signal protocol is serial port RS485 modbus RTU. The size of meter is standard 35 mm DIN rail 1 module size that can be install like circuit braker.

Technical Characteristics

- Norminal voltage(Un) : AC 120V or 230V
- Current transformer (CT) 2 size alternative between 30A/100mA and 100A/100mA
- Operational voltage : 80% - 120% of Un
- AC voltage withstand : 4KV for 1 minute
- Impulse voltage withstand : 6KV - 1.2 micro-second
- Primary current : 30A or 100A optional
- Operational frequency range : 50 or 60 Hz
- Internal power consumption : Less than 2W/10VA
- Pulse output1 : Configurable
- Pulse output2 : 1000imp/kWh
- Maximum reading : 999,999 kWh

Communication output
Wiring diagram - SDM120 Direct Load
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Wiring diagram - SDM120CT (Current Transformer)

SDM120 RS485 Modbus RTU Multiple Meter

Certificate of Compliance