Power Meter Model SDM630ct-modbus Series

Three Phases Multifunction DIN Rail with Current Transformer(CT)

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General Characteristics

Three phases power meter SDM630ct-modbus model is light blue LED screen make clear visibility. It is appropiately used for commercial store, building, office, hotel, hospital, department store, factory, gymnasium and electric machines that use 3 phase power. Output signal protocol is serial port RS485 modbus RTU. The size of meter is standard 35 mm DIN rail 4 modules (72 mm) size that can be install like circuit braker.

It has small size, light weight and easy to install on DIN rail 35 mm.

Technical Characteristics

- Norminal voltage(Vn) : AC 3 phases 230 - 400 volt
- Operational voltage : 80% - 120% of Vn - Current transformer (CT) minimum 300A/333mV
- AC voltage withstand : 4KV for 1 minute
- Impulse voltage withstand : 6KV - 1.2 micro-second
- Primary current : minimum 300A optional
- Operational frequency range : 50 or 60 Hz
- Power consumption per phase : Less than 2W/10VA
- Display : LCD
- Maximum reading : 999,999.99 kWh

Communication output
Multiple meter wiring
Wiring diagram

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