Reference Projects

Electrical, Fuel, Alternative Energy, Energy Conservation and IT Projects

Alternative Energy Development Projects

Community Biodiesel Promotion Phase1

Owner: DEDE, Ministry of Energy

Establishment pilot biodiesel production to 7 communities by machine setup, production and quality control training and sustainable supporting.

Community Biodiesel Promotion Phase2

Owner: DEDE, Ministry of Energy

The extended project promoted biodiesel production to 50 communities in north and eastern Thailand. Implementation process included process design, project PR, community selection, process setup, training, quality improvement and sustainable supporting.

CPO Biodiesel Process for Community

Owner: DEDE, Ministry of Energy

Laboratory process experiment for biodiesel production from Crude Palm Oil (CPO), machine design and production, production demonstration and process setup at Southern alternative energy learning center.

Biodiesel Waste and Byproduct Treatment Plant

Owner: DEDE and KMUTNB co-operation

Laboratory process experiment for wastewater treatment and glycerine (byproduct) purification, pilot plant design and installation, demonstration and training at DEDE alternative energy learning center, Pathumthani and other three provinces.

Feasibility Study for Biofuel Public Organization

Owner: DEDE, Ministry of Energy

Scope of work included study concept of global biofuel administration and Thailand current situation, analyze strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of current situation, conceptual design the appropriate public organization for future administration, brainstroming and discussion entire stakeholder and design the best public organization to manage Thailand biofuel development.

Automatic Biodiesel Production Process

Owner: Rajamangala university of technology Suvanabhumi, Suphanburi center.

Design and install 150 L/batch biodiesel production process with full automatic. Its control by PLC and SCADA software on PC and HMI touch screen. The process starts from vegetable oil extraction across tranesterification process and biodiesel purification to be biodiesel B100.

Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) Promotion

Owner: DEDE, Ministry of Energy

Study and gathering technology and guidelines for promoting FFV in various countries. Managing FFV subsidies throughout the process, covering consideration and approval of applicants, Consider their documents for subsidies Proceed to disburse subsidies from Energy conservation funds for automobile manufacturers. Analyze and evaluate the project.